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Christopher, is the Grandmaster and and Owner of Combat Fitness - Rapacon's Martial Arts. He's a 9th degree black belt with expertise in eclectic martial art 
of Kajukenbo for the past 40 years... 

Christopher C. Rapacon


Roque Rapacon has over 20 years of Martial Arts experience. He holds the rank of 6th degree black belt and the title of Sigung in the Original American Mixed Martial Art of Kajukenbo...

Owner/Head Instructor

Roque "Rocky" Rapacon

My love for Kajukenbo students and families became a "lifestyle"–that continues to this day. Through the years since, I have worked hard as chief administrator of the business and "Mom" to everyone.

Chief Adminstrator

Rita "Simo" Rapacon


I started training martial arts under the Rapacon’s when I was 8 years old. I was overweight and very lazy, and my only goal was to get to the next belt. But all of that changed as I grew older. Martial arts cured my laziness and helped me get in shape, it has taught me discipline, respect, and has instilled in me a mindset to always work hard and to give my all in everything I do. It has become more than just a hobby for me, it has become my lifestyle. The knowledge and life lessons I have learned through Kajukenbo I take with me through my everyday life and I hope to give these back to future generations of students.

Sifu Anthony Beal



I am one of 14 siblings that grew up in Vallejo California. Being very hyper as a child, my parents saw martial arts as a way to curb some of my excess energy. But before long, we had all fallen In love with the art. Now myself and two sibling have achieved our black belts and continue to teach and to learn under the guidance of Grand Master Christopher Rapacon. Each week I continue to instruct the young minds that wish to learn. They are the next generation of martial artists.


Sibak David Beal


My name is Paulo R. Ferreira. I came to America with my family in 1966 from a small island in the North Atlantic Ocean called Sāo Miguel owned by Portugal; and settled into Vallejo, California. I started martial arts in junior high school with now Senior Grand Master Emil Bautista. I studied other martial arts for many years, but after a while, I wanted to come back to my Kajukenbo roots. So now here I am with my mentor and friend Grand Master Chris C. Rapacon. 

May God bless my Kajukenbo Family.

Sibak Paulo Ferreira


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